Passionate Social Media & Digital Strategist

Lauren was hired as an independent contractor to execute social media strategy during a time of transition for my former employer. Lauren has an eagerness to discuss overall digital strategy and branding that is infectious. You can really feel she has a genuine passion for marketing strategy and overall branding, including in the social sphere. She has been a pleasure to work with in her attention to detail, open communication and superior knowledge of social media marketing. I wholeheartedly recommend Lauren to any potential client seeking a consummate professional.

–Matt Kaskavitch, Social Media Manager

Encouraging and Brilliant Coach

Lauren is one of the most encouraging and brilliant women I know. She challenges you to think, to speak, and to not be complacent.  She has been my daughter’s Speech and Debate coach for the past 6 years in some capacity and has inspired her to write, speak and debate well thought-out ideas. I know she will continue challenging and supporting my daughter throughout her high school days, college years, and life. She is not just a coach, she is a friend and someone who cares about all succeeding, not just herself.  I highly recommend that you get to know Lauren because in doing so not only will you be bettering yourself, you will have gained a true friend for life.

–Desiree Steele, Owner of Desiree’s Photobooth

Master Presenter and Teacher

Lauren is a master of presentation and communication.  Whether she is customizing cover letters and resumes for someone’s dream job, coaching mock trial and debate students on how to make a winning argument, or leading focus group discussions for clients, Lauren always knows how to appropriately communicate with her audience.  Having worked with Lauren in both professional and academic environments, I have personally seen Lauren’s topnotch communication skills at work.  But Lauren is not just a great orator and presenter; she also has the unique ability to teach others the tools and tricks that can help you improve your presentation and speaking abilities or convince that employer you are right for the job, all without sounding robotic of losing your unique voice.  Anyone looking to boost their confidence and persuasive speaking skills should definitely give Lauren a call.

–Shelly Doggett, Attorney

Empowering Coach

Regan OpelLauren is an encouraging, empowering coach. When I first started working with her, I hated public speaking and was terrified of being in front of audiences. She nurtured my strengths and helped me find my own style and voice. Now I’m an accomplished speaker, a whiz with a whiteboard, and a speech/debate coach myself. If you want to transform your public speaking skills, Lauren is the coach for you.

Regan Opel, Speech/Debate Coach

Powerful Speaker

Ever since I’ve known Lauren, she’s been an extraordinarily powerful speaker.  She has a grace and a smoothness in front of an audience that I’ve always admired, even when she’s under pressure.  Lauren is the kind of speaker that makes me want to be a speech-writer – she can take your words and empower them in a way that maximizes their impact to the listener.  Anybody looking to improve their public speaking skills would be wise to stop talking and listen to what she has to say.

–Craig Noack, Director, Legal for Midland Credit Management