How Does Coaching Work?

PUBLIC SPEAKING  ♦  PRESENTATION SKILLS  ♦  Professional Development

HugSpeak Coaching is designed to fit your needs.

We design customized coaching plans to address your communication priorities, goals, and needs.

Coaching sessions can be focused on a specific presentation, an upcoming interview, or general development of public speaking skills. We collaborate with you to identify communication targets, establish a coaching schedule and budget, and set dates for reassessment and completion.

We adapt to meet your challenges.

Depending on the challenges being addressed, sessions can be held at HugSpeak offices, a location or your choosing, or even online.

Sessions are usually at least an hour in length, though longer coaching sessions are sometimes desirable and more economical.

A FREE 30-minute Initial Consultation is a great way to discuss your goals and develop a coaching plan that meets your needs and budget. It also gives you the opportunity to see if HugSpeak Coaching is the right fit for you.


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