CLE & Strategy

With extensive experience in presentation dynamics, storytelling, market research, group decision-making, strategy, and analysis, HugSpeak helps you prepare and deliver the strongest case possible at every stage of legal proceedings.

As trial attorneys ourselves,  our recommendations are based on courtroom realities and evidentiary limitations. While our hands-on legal experience distinguishes us from most trial consultants, we also recognize that clients seek us out as strategists, storytellers, and researchers … not as lawyers. We help guide and strengthen the case you decide to present.

Our services cover more than just the trial phase of a case. Often, a compelling presentation during negotiation or mediation can result in a favorable, time-saving settlement. We also offer group CLEs and one-on-one attorney coaching in presentation skills, visuals aids, cross-examination, research-based voir dire methods, and more.

Here is a sampling of the services we provide:

  • Theme Development
  • Crafting Compelling Stories (for mediation, opening, & closing)
  • Voir Dire Techniques & Questioning Guides
  • Jury Relations
  • Witness Prep
  • Cross-Examination Techniques & Practice
  • Mock Trials (for testing themes, strategies, and favorable demographics)
  • Public Speaking / Presentation Coaching

Make your case even stronger with customized, knowledgeable consulting from HugSpeak. Contact us at 719-439-4845 or to discuss your case.