Zombie Attack! 11 Tips for Surviving the Zombie Audience

It’s terrifying!

Standing in front of a dead, ravenous, murderous crowd …

Vulnerable. Alone. Helpless.

Not anymore!

Take back your presentation with these simple tips for surviving a zombie audience.

1.  Command.  Keep those zombies under control by standing your ground. Strong posture, tone, and gestures convey confidence from the minute you walk in the room.

2.  Excite. Liven up “dead” audiences with an upbeat, energetic delivery even the most zombified attendee can’t resist.E-mail Sign-Up

3.  Surprise.  Don’t follow a predictable pattern. Zig when they think you are going to zag. Keep zombies on their toes by doing the unexpected.

4.  Distract.  Zombies are attracted to bright lights and loud noises. Incorporate sounds and visual images that will get (and keep) your audience’s attention.

5.  Move.  Get those zombies off of their rears, out of their chairs, and physically engaged through bouts of activity built into your presentation.

6.  Feed.   Zombies are hungry right? Satisfy their cravings with snacks and beverages that put them in a more favorable mood for listening to (not devouring) you.

7.  Project.  Show your strength by projecting your voice. Make sure every zombie hears you loud and clear.

8.  Pace.  The zombie brain can’t process very quickly. Speak at a reasonable pace and emphasize key points by slowing down to let the audience absorb them.

9.  Connect.  Use simple words that uniquely speak to the zombie audience. Captivate them with vibrant terms that stimulate their senses.

10.  Empower. Thwart murderous rage or deathly disinterest by giving zombies an opportunity to sound off and participate.

11.  Time.  Increase your chances of survival by shutting up before the zombies have the chance to turn on you. Make sure you only present content that is focused, concise, and zombie-relevant.

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What are your tips for surviving dead, ravenous, murderous audiences? Share them in the comments section below.  

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