Andrew Hug, J.D., LL.M. – Senior Strategist

Andrew is a rare combination of number cruncher and strategic communicator.

Business Strategy

His background in accounting and tax, which includes an accounting degree with honors from the prestigious McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas and a Master of Laws in International Tax from the University of London, enables him to advise clients on business plans and strategies with a laser focus on the bottom line.

Trial Strategy

He is also a skilled trial strategist, boiling complex cases down to simple, digestible stories that juries respond to and remember. He is especially gifted at cross-examination, able to zero in on witness deception or uncertainty and use cross to tell his client’s side of the story. Witnesses who survive his cross-examination prep find the in-court experience to be far less intimidating.

Courtroom Confidence

As a criminal defense attorney and former Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County, Andrew has tried more than 50 cases in less than 10 years and has consulted on dozens more. In addition to his Bachelors of Business Administration and his Master of Laws, Andrew holds a J.D. from the highly ranked University of Texas School of Law.