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Small Business

Market your small business effectively and economically with strategic marketing, content, research, and presentations!

Big Business

Smart, experienced, unbiased consulting for insights on all your strategic initiatives. Inventive market research for the answers you need.


Litigation strategy and trial consulting from the intersection of law, public speaking, and market research. Engaging CLEs.


Develop the skills you need to succeed! Workshops and coaching for public speaking and professional communication!


The Manager's Guide to Presentations

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  • Kayla Daniels is a genius coder who is advocating for inclusivity in the tech industry through The Code Manifesto. In a series of interviews with HugSpeak, she talks about preparing to present at LaraconEU. This link is to Presentation Life-Cycle: Part I (The Invitation) -- To get ready for your next big presentation, contact HugSpeak for one-on-one customized coaching or pick up a copy of "The...

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About Lauren

I'm a natural talker who learned to listen when others speak. I love visual ways of organizing ideas and explaining info.

It's highly likely I will reference Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Disney, the Rules of Evidence, IKEA, or Dostoyevsky at least once in a conversation.

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